Updated June 3: Investigation Ongoing in Bradford City


UPDATED JUNE 3:  District Attorney Stephanie Vettenburg Shaffer reports that the May 29, 2022 shooting in the City remains under investigation by City of Bradford Police. Edward Fomby, age 38, of Buffalo, was found deceased with apparent gunshot wounds.   Reports of an argument, including threats, between the deceased and a male resident of the home are being investigated by police along with the physical evidence. 

An analysis of all of the evidence, including the results of the autopsy, the results of interviews of what occurred between the men prior to the shooting, and the audio and video footage that is available is being scrutinized as it is received and compared to the crimes code of Pennsylvania including the statute relating to use of deadly force.

Law Enforcement has received valuable tips from members of the community.  Information provided includes audio and video evidence that is being digitally enhanced at an off-site location.  This information is critical to the investigation and we are grateful to the community for the assistance.

Anyone with information is asked to call the City of Bradford Police at (814) 887-4911.


UPDATED MAY 31:  The City of Bradford Police continue to investigate a shooting that occurred in the City in the early morning hours of May 29, 2022.

38 year old Edward Fomby Jr. of Buffalo was found deceased outside a residence located in the City with apparent gunshot wounds caused by an adult male resident outside the resident’s home.

The results of the investigation, including an autopsy are pending.

District Attorney Stephanie Vettenburg-Shaffer advises that the City of Bradford Police are investigating the circumstances of the shooting including reports that an argument had occurred between the deceased and the resident that is alleged to have included threats to use a firearm to kill including reports of such threats by the decedent.

Reports include that the male resident fired what was described as “warning shots” and then fired at the decedent. 

The investigation will include the circumstances of the death including the threats and shooting, and whether or not the shooting was justified under the applicable statute in Pennsylvania related to use of force.

City of Bradford Police Chief Michael Ward asks that anyone with information to contact Police at (814) 887-4911. 


City of Bradford Police are investigating a shooting death within the city that occurred in the early morning hours of May 29, 2022.  A male from Buffalo is deceased from apparent gunshot wounds. 

Stephanie Vettenburg-Shaffer, District Attorney, reports that the investigation is ongoing into the circumstances surrounding the death and officers with the City of Bradford Police, PA State Police Forensic Services and Reconstruction, the District Attorney, County Detective, Coroner, and City of Bradford Fire Department responded to the scene to aid the investigation.

Chief Michael Ward advises that the parties involved have been identified and the circumstances known do not indicate any threat to the community. 

He asks that anyone with information to contact the City of Bradford Police Department at (814) 887-4911.