Veterans Day

The McKean County District Attorney’s Office expresses gratitude to our nation’s Veterans.

“For it has been said, all that a man hath will he give for his life; and while all contribute of their substance the soldier puts his life at stake, and often yields it up in his country's cause. The highest merit, then is due to the soldier.”  - President Abraham Lincoln

America remains the greatest nation in the world and it is our military who has reinforced that throughout history.  It is our military who has stood ready to defend the Nation and, in that readiness, has maintained our security.  And it is our military who has maintained our freedom and permitted the Constitution to remain the law of the land. On this Veterans Day, we thank you for your service and recognize and reflect on your commitment, patriotism, and bravery. 

                                         - Stephanie L Vettenburg Shaffer, District Attorney