PRESS RELEASE:  In Recognition of McKean County Correctional Professionals

From:  Stephanie L. Vettenburg-Shaffer, District Attorney

Date:  May 2, 2022

McKean County is home to many members of law enforcement including police, probation and parole, and corrections.  These professionals handle different stages of the local criminal justice system – investigation and arrest; incarceration; and supervision.

Corrections Officers are an integral part of the system.

The first full week of May is set aside to honor Correctional Officers and personnel who work in corrections.   I am honored to recognize those who work in corrections.

The Officers at the McKean County Prison, Potter County Jail, Warren County Jail, FCI-McKean, and SCI Forest State Penitentiary are tasked with ensuring the security of their facilities while ensuring the safety of staff and inmates.

After a defendant is charged by the police, prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office and sentenced by a Judge, Corrections Officers take charge of defendants who were sentenced to incarceration – to continue with the goals of the criminal justice system that includes punishment and also deterrence to others and rehabilitation for the offender.

The work of Corrections Officers is rarely seen – because they are able to ensure the security of their facilities without disruption to the surrounding community.

But their role is vital.

The ever-present risk of violence plagues their environment.  Their dual obligations of maintaining peace while exuding authority is a unique mixture that is necessary to fulfil their duties.  Corrections Officers are harmed and killed in the line of duty at an alarming rate- a horrific reality they share with their brothers and sisters in other aspects of law enforcement.  We thank them for their sacrifice.

On behalf of the McKean County District Attorney’s Office, I am honored to recognize Correctional Professionals and personnel. - Stephanie L. Vettenburg-Shaffer