Drug Collection


From:  Stephanie L. Vettenburg-Shaffer, District Attorney

Date: October 13, 2021

McKean District Attorney Stephanie L. Vettenburg-Shaffer reports that the medication drop boxes located throughout the county were recently emptied and weighed. In the third quarter of 2021 (July 12-October 5), the total medication collected was 106.9 pounds. 

The medication drop boxes are located at several locations across the county.  Each box contained the following during this quarter’s collection:  

Bradford City Police Station: 51.8 lbs. (an increase of 8.8 lbs. since the 2nd quarter)

Bradford Township Police Department: 7.8 lbs (an increase of 3.6 lbs. since the 2nd quarter)

Kane Borough Police Station:  15 lbs.  (a decrease of 17 lbs. since the 2nd quarter)

Sheriff’s Department: 32.2 lbs. (a decrease of 22.4 lbs. since the 2nd quarter)

State Police Barracks: .1 lb. (a decrease of 3 lbs. since the 2nd quarter)

The boxes were sponsored by the PA District Attorney’s Association and the PA American Water Company as a tool for residents to discard unused medication safely.

The County Detectives with the District Attorney's Office collect and weigh the unused medication in the boxes and arrange for their disposal with the Attorney General’s Office.

The drop boxes are for anyone in our area to discard any unused medication they may have to prevent it from being used by anyone other than to whom it was prescribed as one step in preventing abuse and to prevent it from being flushed and impacting our water supply.

Anyone who suspects illegal drug activity is encouraged to contact the McKean County Drug Task Force at MCDTFtip@gmail.com or (814) 887-3312.