National First Responders' Day


October 28, 2021 is National First Responders’ Day.  Today we recognize the First Responders who are on the front line – responding to tragedy and protecting us from harm.

First responders are called upon at times of devastation.  Their heroic efforts are evident in their everyday actions but they often go unnoticed and unrecognized.

Their work is, largely, hidden from the public eye but it makes the greatest impact we could imagine on our community’s sense of security. 

They run toward danger that the rest of us run from and they are required to jump to action at a moment’s notice and be prepared to respond to devastation the rest of us cannot imagine.

No call is routine and, with each response, they face unknown danger without regard to the risk they face themselves. 

Their families share them with the rest of us and we recognize them as well.

On behalf of the McKean County District Attorney’s Office, I am honored to recognize our First Responders.  I thank you Ladies and Gentlemen. We are honored to work with you.

                                    - Stephanie L Vettenburg Shaffer, District Attorney