DA Anti-Drug Campaign


District Attorney Stephanie L. Vettenburg-Shaffer, Chief County Detective Ryan Yingling and the McKean County Drug Task Force K-9 unit present to area children on the dangers of drugs.

In March, 2020, District Attorney Stephanie L. Vettenburg-Shaffer announced the new Anti-Drug Educational Campaign geared towards school-aged children.  The program involves outreach by the DA, Chief County Detective, K9s from the County Detective K9 Unit, and the K9 handlers.

To kick off the campaign, DA Shaffer, Chief Detective Ryan Yingling, K9 Handlers Bob and Vicki Rinfrette, and K9s LG and Nico visited students at the Learning Center in Bradford in March 2020.   

DA Shaffer: "We met with students at The Learning Center in Bradford as part of our mission to educate children about the dangers of drugs. McKean County Drug Task Force K-9 handlers Bob and Vicki Rinfrette brought their dogs, LG and Nico.  LG is a narcotic-detecting dog and Nico is an explosives-detecting dog.  Bob Rinfrette explained to the children what each dog’s skills are and demonstrated how they work to assist police and keep people safe."

DA Shaffer talked to the children about medication, drugs, and general safety.  The children asked many questions and offered excellent insight.  

The theme of the discussion was to “Just Say No to Drugs” and to remind children that police officers are there to help them and keep them safe – “Police Officers Are Your Friend.”  

The children drew pictures showing K9s working with police and gave toys and treats to the dogs as appreciation.  The artwork hangs in DA Shaffer's office. 

Safe medication use and disposal is critical to prevent addiction.  Community outreach, education of children, and availability of medication drop boxes are important.

After COVID-protocols were lifted, the campaign continued and now includes all 7 of the K9s with the County Detective Bureau K9 Unit and their handlers.  The "Support the Nose" Campaign allows DA Shaffer and Chief Yingling to talk to children about the dangers of drugs while the K9 Handlers introduce the dogs to children and explain how the dogs help law enforcement.  Pledge cards allow students to vow to remain drug-free. 

T-shirts with the "Support the Nose" logo and designed by Bob Rinfrette can be purchased by contacting the District Attorney's Office.

If your school or organization would like a presentation or other service, please contact the  District Attorney’s Office.  

If you suspect illegal drug activity, please report it by calling the McKean County Drug Task Force at the District Attorney’s Office (814) 887-3312 extension 3 or 5.