The McKean County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone about SCAMS!  Due to COVID19 and the Holiday Season, people are shopping online more than ever. Scammers are becoming more of a problem and are making things very difficult.  Here are a few tips to consider for purchasing online:

- Only Shop at reputable and secured web sites.

- Keep your user names and passwords secure and if you think it has been compromised, change it immediately.

- Do not open any attachments or links from an unknown source.

- If you get a notification about package tracking or an issue with your order do not open it with that link.  Check with the appropriate shipping provider and/or check with the place of purchase directly to check order status.

- One final thing not related to shopping, WARRANTS cannot be taken care of with a GIFT CARD!

Hopefully, these few tips can help your online holiday shopping and make it little less stressful.

Thank You,

McKean County Sheriff’s Office