PA Pistol Permit


lssued Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. cost is $20.00, we do not accept cards or out of state checks.  Only McKean County residents or Out of State residents can apply. lf you reside in another PA county, you have to apply in that county.

Out of State Applicants:

  • You must have a valid "Unrestricted" license to carry from your resident state.
  • Your current address must be listed on your driver/s license and pistol permit.
  • You can download the application here or fill one out when you visit our office.
  • Two references (non-family) are required for every applicant whether you are a first time applicant or renewing.   Name, address and phone number are required for each reference.


Effective 12/21/20, the McKean County Sheriff’s Office will begin accepting applications to obtain a license to carry online.

Click on the link , complete and submit the application.

Once the application is received by our office, we will process it.

Once an approval/denial is received, you will be notified what action to take next.

Even though you are completing your application online, you will still have to come to our office to get you photo taken and sign.

You will then be issued your license.

You do not have to apply online, this service has been instituted to help reduce wait time when coming to our office.

PDF icon concealedcarrypermit_201302180026337475.pdf