City of Bradford - City Administrator Release

Following the Executive Order from Governor Tom Wolf ordering all non-life sustaining businesses and entities to close, City officials worked late into the night to determine what the order meant to operations within city government. After speaking to one of Governor Wolf’s top officials as well as our special labor counsel, we believe the City is exempt, but it is not entirely clear from the Governor’s order. The Mayor and City Council determined that to both lead by example and to protect our employees that we would follow the order, in the same manner in which the community must follow.

What we do know is that our Emergency Services are exempt and there will be little to no change in the services that they provide. The safety of our residents is our primary responsibility and will remain so throughout the duration of this emergency.

With the exception of emergency services, we have reduced staffing to only allow for the most essential operations of the city to continue. We have reduced staffing levels by 90%  and instituted plans for the other employees to maintain availability in the event there are necessary functions to be completed. The City will continue to monitor and review operations and implement changes as the situation dictates.

In addition to staffing reductions we have closed all city building and parks to the public, in the event someone needs to make payment to the city they can mail it or drop it in the night deposit box located at City Hall.

We wish all of the community well during these unprecedented and unchartered times. Please remain diligent in your individual efforts to help bring this pandemic to an end.

In closing, it is important that everyone closely follows all State and Federal orders, laws, and directives and continue to follow the recommended guidelines made by the CDC. 


City Administrator - Chris Lucco