The City of Bradford Police Department, as established by the Pennsylvania Third Class City Code, is under the supervision of the Mayor, with the Chief of Police directing the day‐to‐day operations.  Currently, the police department has a total of 19 Officers and 1 part time Administrative Assistant/Parking Enforcement Officer as follows:

 • Chief of Police  

• 1 Assistant Chief of Police

• 1 Lieutenant

• 4 Sergeants

• 10 Patrol Officers

• 3 School Resource Officers (SRO)

• 1 Part Time Administrative Assistant / Parking Enforcement Officer

The Police Department is divided into four platoons of Officers; one platoon is led by the Assistant Chief, the second is led by the Lieutenant, and the third and fourth platoons are led by a Sergeant.

The Police Department services a 3.42 mile region 24/7. Specific Operational Units within the Police Department include as follows: 

• Road Patrol (Patrolman) – Includes general enforcement of the traffic laws upon roadways and response to all emergency and non-emergency calls. Patrolman handle investigations ranging from Summary Offenses to Felonies. Patrol is truly the backbone of this Agency.

• Criminal Investigations – The Chief of Police or current OIC assigns criminal investigations to individual Officers as needed. Many Officers have specialized training in interview and interrogation techniques. This is essential to a successful investigation.

• School Resource Officers (SRO) – There are 4 Schools in the Bradford School District for which these 2 Officers are responsible for. They provide general security of the campus and engage in activities with the students such as Criminal Justice Club. They also handle all truancy issues and assist other Agencies such as Children and Youth Services and Juvenile Probation on a daily basis.

• MICSAP – 1 Sergeant is trained to conduct Heavy Truck enforcement regulations such as operational Safety of Motor Carriers and weight regulations.

• Drug Task Force - 8 Officers are assigned by the Chief of Police to the Drug Task Force Unit which is managed by the McKean County District Attorney’s Office. These Officers investigate illegal drug trafficking within the City of Bradford and surrounding jurisdictions within McKean County. Many of these Officers have specialized training specific to stop or curtail the illegal sales and/or possession of narcotics and other Scheduled Substances as classified by the DEA.

• Records and Identification - 2 Officers have specialized training in the collection of forensic evidence related to serious crime scenes. They have extensive training in fingerprinting , photography, and collection of trace evidence such as DNA, Hair, or Casting of foot prints or tire tracks.

• Arson Investigator – 1 Officer is specifically trained for Arson investigation. This is essential knowledge and skill required to investigate this type of crime as evidence collection and specific understanding of Fire related crimes are essential to successful prosecutions.

• Level II Accident Reconstructionist – 1 Officer has specialized training in accident reconstruction.  This is an essential requirement when determining accident scenes involving death or serious bodily injury.

• DUI Enforcement - Many of the Officers within the Police have specialized training in the detection of DUI both by Alcohol and/or drugs. Some of these trainings include ARIDE and SFST. Each Officer trained has been certified in these areas with a goal of reducing crimes related to DUI.

• PolyGraph Operator – The Department has one Officer trained specifically in PolyGraph operation. This is an excellent tool used in the technique of interview and interrogation helping this agency solve crimes.