K9 Rigby Continues His Training Throughout McKean County


(SMETHPORT):  District Attorney Stephanie L. Vettenburg-Shaffer reports that McKean County Detectives’ Bureau K9 Rigby has been hard at work training to detect narcotics in McKean County.  He and Officer Dakota Eaton have been training over the last several months to get ready to work across the county with the McKean County Drug Task Force.  He will also work closely with Duke, Bradford City’s new K9, as well as all police departments in the county during drug investigations.

DA Shaffer stressed the importance of having K9s in McKean County:

"The K9 Unit of the McKean County Detectives’ Bureau consists of drug-detecting dogs Rigby and LG, explosives-detecting dog Nico, and tracking dogs Dutchess, Izzy, Dixie and Roxy. In addition to their work in the field, the dogs will appear at public events where they will interact with children. The District Attorney’s Anti-Drug Campaign directed at children to “Say No to Drugs” will include appearances of all the K9s at schools and events. The County Detectives’ Bureau K9 Unit as well as Bradford City K9 Duke will appear at schools and other events as part of the campaign. The dogs remind children to stay away from drugs along with a message that police officers are their friends." 

In addition to drug detection and community events, the K9 Unit of the County Detectives’ Bureau do safety searches of schools and prisons to look for drugs or explosives and track the scent of missing people – whether a missing child or a fleeing suspect.

District Attorney Shaffer expresses her thanks to the public for their support of the K9 Unit with the County Detectives’ Bureau.  The K9 Unit will be primarily funded by donations to off-set the expenses of the K9s.  If you would like to donate to the McKean County Detectives’ K9 Unit, please make checks payable to McKean County K9 Unit, District Attorney’s Office, Smethport, PA  16749.

If you are interested in having the dogs at your event, please contact the District Attorney’s Office at (814) 887-3312.