Drug Investigation

          On 02-01-19 City of Bradford Police Officers along with the assistance of Pennsylvania State Parole, and The Pennsylvania State Police K-9 Unit Erie executed a drug related search warrant at 38 Euclid Ave. in the City of Bradford. As a direct result of the search warrant Officers seized multiple Schedule II Controlled Substances  which were Opiates, a large amount of Marijuana, Schedule I Controlled Substance, some of which was found to be packaged for sale or intent to distribute. Along with the drugs,  Officers seized many items of paraphernalia related to the ingestion, inhalation, and/or packaging of the said drugs. 

          An additional investigation led Officers to determine that Michael M. Maddox had also operated a motor vehicle upon a roadway while under the influence of drugs to the degree rendering him incapable of safe driving on this same date. 

          As a result of the investigation, the resident Michael M. Maddox age 23 was arrested and charged for the following offenses. 

1. Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana Schedule I Controlled Substance       Title 35 780-113 A30    1 Count  (Felony)

2. Possession of Marijuana Schedule I, Hydrocodone and Oxycodone Schedule II       Title 35 780-113 A16      3 Counts  (Misdemeanor) 

3. Possession of Paraphernalia          Title 35 780-113 A32     (Misdemeanor)

4. Driving Under the Influence  (DUI)      Title 75 3802 D     1 Count       (Misdemeanor)

          Magistrate Engman of Kane arraigned Michael M. Maddox and remanded him to McKean County Jail on $10,000 cash bail. 

Incident Date: 
Friday, February 1, 2019 - 11:00am
Reference ID: 


38 Euclid Ave.